The Edo State Internal Revenue and the Edo State Lottery’s Operator, 70TH Precinct Limited is strongly committed to finding the right balance between profitability and social responsibility.
Working collaboratively, we are putting that commitment into action.
Therefore, 70TH Precinct has introduced a number of initiatives designed to promote the safe use of our products.

More specifically, we pay the greatest attention in the following fields:

  • 1. Full information for players (brochures for game rules, odds of winning and playing / prize claiming procedures)
  • 2. Staff training
  • 3. Dissemination of draw results
  • 4. Responsible gaming signage in the POS
  • 5. Protection of winner’s privacy
  • 6. Responsible communication (targeted only in adult population)
  • 7. Availability and communication of support services (for players playing excessively)

Last but not least, we have designed codes of practice protecting the player and retailer relations, rights and transactions, as well as an advertising code of practice which outlines our guidelines towards responsible communication.

The sales and participants codes of practice are available at the retail outlets for players’ and retailers’ review.